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Hair Supplies Laid out on a table including hair dryers, bottles of shampoo and conditioner and scissors

Tina's Hair & Products is a well established hair salon that has served in the Edgware area for many years. We have an enviable reputation and pay great attention to the hair care and beauty needs of each customer. We sell many hair care products, alongside other beauty products, in our store in Edgware as part of our services.

With our many years of experience under our belt, we have found that some products work better for our clients which we now also offer on our website. Take a look at our products below and select the right ones for your hair type and needs.


Shop Hair Care: Stores
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For expert hair care services call and book an appointment with Tina's Hair & Beauty Products at 020 8959 7900.

Based in Edgware, we are a unisex hair salon and can work with all hair textures.

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